“Project ECHO GEMH: Disruptive Technology for Geriatric Mental Health”

“New York State is a leader on many health fronts, whether it be antismoking, obesity reduction, or insurance coverage. But our state is also a leader in another area: we are among the states with the greatest shortages in physician supply. According to the Healthcare Association of New York State, the deficits are especially large in rural areas, which lack both primary care physicians and specialists. This situation hits particularly hard in rural communities since primary care doctors may be their only source of health services, including those for mental health.

The prevalence of mental illness is not much different in rural and urban areas, but the lack of access to and availability of mental health services are particular challenges in rural areas.”

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“Six Subway Stops, Worlds Apart”

“It’s just six subway stops between where I live, in Murray Hill, and the East Harlem neighborhood. But when it comes to our health, the two communities are worlds apart. If you are born in Murray Hill, you can expect to see your 85th birthday, while average life expectancy in East Harlem is only 76 years.
That’s a staggering disparity, brought into sharp relief in a new map developed by researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The map shows variations in life expectancy in New York City, demonstrating the short distances between large gaps in health and longevity.”

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