July 22, 2021

On July 22nd, NYHealth hosted a webinar on how to make telehealth services more accessible and equitable for New Yorkers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the deep inequities present within our health care system, particularly for underserved and historically marginalized communities. As the rise of telehealth solutions accelerated during the pandemic, New Yorkers with financial means and technological capabilities were better able to quickly adopt digital tools for meeting their health care needs.

Telehealth services remain inaccessible to and underutilized in many communities with rural, low-income, and minority populations—some of those most impacted by chronic disease and by COVID-19. Addressing these inequities will require reaching patients (both those who have and those who have not participated in telehealth), understanding their priorities, and providing them with culturally and linguistically competent services.

Shoshanah Brown, Founder/CEO at AIRnyc, discussed ways to promote the effective and equitable implementation of telehealth for low-income and otherwise marginalized patients.

Watch the webinar recording.

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