April 6, 2021

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Speaker slides Greater Than COVID Digital Toolkit

On April 6, 2021, NYHealth hosted a webinar discussion with Tina Hoff, Senior Vice President at Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and Director of KFF’s Social Impact Media Program, and Robbyn Kistler, Media & HIV/AIDS Consultant with the Health Communication & Media Partnerships at KFF, to discuss lessons learned from a campaign to build vaccine trust with Black Americans in California and how they can be applied to New York State.

As COVID-19 vaccination distribution efforts continue across the United States, the latest surveys find that a majority (61%) of U.S. adults now say they have received at least one dose of the vaccine or that they will get it as soon as they can, up from 47% in January and 34% in December. But while enthusiasm to get vaccinated has increased across racial and ethnic groups, Black and Hispanic adults—who have disproportionately suffered from COVID-19—are still more likely than white adults to say they will “wait and see” how the vaccine is working for others before getting vaccinated themselves.

In March, KFF and the Black Coalition Against COVID launched a campaign to provide Black communities with credible information about the COVID-19 vaccines. The campaign includes a video series, featuring Black doctors, nurses, and researchers, that addresses vaccine safety and aims to dispel misinformation in Black communities.

Speakers shared strategies for organizations in New York to use campaign materials to promote vaccine trust in their communities.

See the webinar recording.

See the presentation slides.

For more information on campaign materials, please contact Tina Hoff at or Robbyn Kistler at


Watch the brief campaign video, “Hello Black America! with W. Kamau Bell & Black Health Care Workers,” below:

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