Special Projects Fund

Grantee Name

The Foundation for Quality Care

Funding Area

Special Projects Fund

Publication Date

October 2014

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

October 2011–December 2013


Pressure ulcers are a common patient safety issue resulting from prolonged periods of uninterrupted pressure on the skin, soft tissue, muscle, and bone.

They are most common among the elderly, people who use wheelchairs, and bedridden patients. Nationally, the rate of pressure ulcers is increasing, with some 2.5 million patients being treated annually in acute care settings.  The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) convened a broad coalition of representatives from various health care settings to promote the Gold STAMP (Success Through Assessment, Management, and Prevention) program in order to create a uniform standard of care for pressure ulcers across health care settings. After an initial set of partners took the lead in developing and implementing a Phase 1 pilot program, NYHealth awarded a grant to the Foundation for Quality Care (FQC) to implement the Gold STAMP program statewide.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Established six regional collaboratives: two on Long Island, two in New York City, and one in both the Hudson Valley and Capital District region. Across those six regions, 40 health care organizations signed a memoranda of agreement to participate in the initiative, which exceeded the project’s original target of 18 health care organizations;
  • Screened, selected, and trained five coaches to provide technical assistance to those organizations; and
  • Organized a statewide Gold STAMP conference on September 17, 2013, involving NYSDOH and NYHealth Gold STAMP partners.