Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

Grantee Name

New York Diabetes Coalition

Funding Area

Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

Publication Date

June 2011

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

January 2009 – July 2009


The New York Diabetes Coalition (NYDC) is a volunteer collaboration of more than 70 organizations across New York State.

This includes health plans, professional medical societies, and health-focused and community-based organizations dedicated to improving care for New Yorkers with diabetes.

NYDC worked with the New York Health Foundation’s Diabetes Campaign to assess opportunities for, and barriers to, improving health outcomes for patients with diabetes in primary care practices.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Conducted 23 phone interviews with physicians, nurse practitioners, and diabetes care managers throughout the State.
  • Organized three regional meetings during the spring and summer of 2009 in Buffalo, New York City, and Albany with approximately 30–50 attendees per meeting.
  • Discovered that limitations on time and money were the biggest barrier to formally participating in improvement programs, especially in solo practices.
  • Recognized that implementation of electronic health systems are time consuming but crucial to support formal quality improvement (QI) program activities.
  • Learned that financial incentives for QI programs are important, but reimbursement levels need to be meaningful.
  • Determined that a systems and team-based approach is needed to address the diabetes epidemic to support primary care providers in implementing best practices.