Refugees Get Off to a New Start with Health Care Services

The United States has a longstanding history of accepting refugees in search of a new life, all of whom have fled war-torn countries or cannot safely return to their home country.

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Impacting Real New Yorkers

NYHealth pursues ambitious goals to improve the health of all New Yorkers. As we stay focused on larger goals to achieve widespread changes to health care policy and practice, we are continually motivated and inspired by the people and communities that the Foundation and our grantees are helping every day. Read their stories.

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Better Balance for a Better Future

Elderly residents in rural New York improve their balance through Tai Chi and exercise programs.

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A Healthy Valentine’s Day

Riley Elementary’s second-grade class faced an important choice: What snacks would they eat for their class Valentine’s Day Party?

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Women and Young People Benefiting from Better Reproductive Health Care

After meeting with a counselor at a health center that had received training to better provide contraceptive services, Ana decided on an effective method that left her feeling safe and reassured.

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Vulnerable Children Receive Vital Oral Health Services

Four-year-old Noah has a happy, healthy smile, thanks in part to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Smiles Program, a pilot program that is connecting some of New York’s most vulnerable children to oral health services.

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Getting Parents Information on Environmental Health Hazards in New York City Public Schools

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest worked with the parents and community of P.S. 51 to help them learn to navigate the complex school siting system and advocate for the information they need to ensure school buildings are safe, healthy learning environments.

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New Yorkers Involved with the Criminal Justice System Get Needed Mental Health Care

Having struggled with undiagnosed mental illness her entire life, Teisha received treatment through a program that provides alternatives to incarceration.

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New Yorkers Who Got Covered Under Obamacare

To help uninsured New Yorkers enroll in coverage, the New York Health Foundation funded community-based organizations to serve as trusted messengers to their communities for outreach and enrollment activities. Here are their stories.

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Veterans Find Help and Hope Through Supportive Services

Andy, a New York combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, suffered from chronic pain and depression until he sought treatment from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s (IAVA) Rapid Response Referral Program.

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Children Struggling with Mental Illness Get Help at the Pediatrician’s Office

For children living with mental health conditions, finding and receiving timely treatment can be difficult. A new program on Long Island is working to better meet the needs of children with mental health issues and their families.

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