Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

Project Title

Systemwide Expansion of the Diabetes Center of Excellence

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

Date Awarded

May 14, 2012


Long Island





Nearly 64,000 people were hospitalized as a result of diabetes in 2009 in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and diabetes-related hospitalizations accounted for 17% of all hospitalizations.

Poor glucose control is a major contributing factor that leads to increased hospitalizations, readmission rates, and lengths of stay. The St. Joseph Diabetes Center of Excellence curriculum is widely accepted as an effective diabetes self-management program; however, access to this type of program is limited for Long Island residents and support is particularly limited for Spanish-speaking immigrants. This project supported the replication of the Diabetes Center of Excellence within the outpatient clinics of the five other hospitals within the Catholic Health System, and the establishment of two Spanish-language diabetes self-management classes.

Establishing the sustainable centers at these five locations provided diabetes self-management services for an estimated 5,400 people a year, almost one-third of all the residents who have diabetes in Nassau and Suffolk counties. The Center also hired a certified diabetes educator. Once participants completed the classes, which were based on the American Association of Diabetes Education curriculum, they were invited back for a three-month individual follow-up visit to track clinical improvements and behavior changes. NYHealth’s support also aided in the purchase of program tools, including A1C (glucose testing) kits for the instructors, Body Mass Index scales to track patients’ progress, and other teaching tools needed for the self-management class. Project funds also covered a one-time translation class fee.