Building Healthy Communities

Project Title

Shape Up Clinton County: Activating Public Spaces and Creating Opportunities for Healthy Living

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Building Healthy Communities

Date Awarded

October 27, 2015


North Country





Despite its great potential for outdoor physical activity, rural Clinton County is in the bottom quarter of counties in New York State on the measure of access to physical activity, according to County Health Rankings.

One-quarter of residents report being physically inactive. These numbers, in part, explain the high rates of obesity among children and adults. One out of three adults and one out of five children is obese in Clinton County—rates that are higher than the New York State average. To address this issue, NYHealth awarded a grant to the Foundation of Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) to partner with local Parks and Recreation departments to increase opportunities and accessibility to physical activity to residents of Clinton County.

Under this grant, CVPH retrofitted 10 inactive outdoor and indoor spaces for public use, as well as established a Fitness in the Parks program at 6 locations across the county to serve youth. The 10 public spaces were refurbished for activities such as tennis, pickleball, and soccer golf courses. Parks and Recreation staff are maintaining the courts and continue to coordinate organized leagues to increase use. The Fitness in the Parks initiative was located at existing parks within 13 towns, exposing young people to age-appropriate activities such as archery, karate, and yoga. The project helped create spaces and programs to encourage and support active living for residents of all ages—especially those living in the poorest areas of the county.