Healthy Food, Healthy Lives

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Building the Capacity and Collaboration of Healthy Food, Healthy Lives Food Planning Grantees

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Healthy Food, Healthy Lives

Date Awarded

June 16, 2022


Outside New York State



In Progress


Robust regional food systems support healthier residents; resilience and food security; jobs and economic growth; and New York State’s agriculture.

Food systems planning is a collaborative process among farmers, retailers, consumers, nonprofits, health systems, and government to develop priorities and implement policies and practices that shape how local or regional food systems operate. Changes in food procurement at public institutions, revisions to urban gardening codes, and better access to local food are some examples of improvements that have resulted from food systems planning. NYHealth is supporting a cohort of local and regional groups to develop local healthy food plans tailored to their regions. In 2022, NYHealth awarded Farm to Table a grant to provide technical assistance to these grantees and help them build their capacity as they undertake their projects.

Under this grant, Farm to Table will partner with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future’s Food Policy Networks to assess each of the grantees and develop tools and support tailored to their needs. For example, grantees may receive assistance with: community outreach and messaging, strategic planning, outreach to policymakers and public agencies, and evaluation metrics. Farm to Table will provide consultations, lead in-depth learning sessions and workshops, and participate in monthly co-learning circles with the grantees. It will meet regularly with grantees to work on joint problems, share lessons learned and best practices, and foster collaboration. Through this project, grantees will acquire tools and resources to further accelerate their plans as well as collectively advocate for policies that result in a stronger food system in New York State.

The grantees participating in the healthy food systems planning initiative are: Adirondack Health Institute, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration CorporationCatholic Charities of the Diocese of Rochester Food Bank of the Southern TierCommon Ground Health, Equity Advocates, Good Food Buffalo Coalition, and Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative.