Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Equinox and ClearView: Agency Merger

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

November 2, 2011


Capital Region






In response to the economic downturn of 2008, NYHealth made a series of Economic Recovery grants to support mergers, partnerships, and collaborations between nonprofits that were struggling to maintain services and fiscal viability.

From this initiative, a consortium of seven agencies that provide mental health, substance use treatment, and social services was established to develop a strategic partnership model. Two of these agencies—Equinox Inc. and ClearView Center—determined that a full-asset merger would further increase their ability to offer comprehensive services to similar populations. Based in Albany County, the two agencies provide services that complement, but do not duplicate, each other. A merger of the two resulted in the integration of substance use and mental health treatment services within one agency.

The benefits of a full merger included access to a continuum of services under one roof; a stronger community presence; administrative and operational efficiencies; and stronger fundraising capacity. Some of the tasks involved in the merger included creating a new organizational entity and structure; integrating organizational cultures; maintaining consistent communications internally and externally; establishing and implementing uniform personnel policies; integrating financial and information technology systems; integrating electronic medical record systems; and implementing a new marketing and outreach plan.