Veterans’ Health

Project Title

Disrupting Military Suicide, Phase 3

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Veterans’ Health

Date Awarded

September 28, 2022


Outside New York State

Western NY




New York’s veterans die by suicide at almost twice the rate of their civilian counterparts, accounting for 1 in 7 suicides in New York State.

Research shows that veterans at risk of suicide will not always disclose suicidal thoughts or indicate they are in crisis to a mental health provider. NYHealth partnered with Stop Soldier Suicide in 2020 and 2021 to expand its Disrupt Veteran Suicide program across New York City to target and identify veterans at high risk for suicide through online marketing campaigns and social media. In 2022, NYHealth awarded Stop Soldier Suicide a third grant to expand Disrupt Veteran Suicide across the State, with a focus on high-need areas including rural counties and Western New York.

Under this grant, Stop Soldier Suicide used digital tools to identify veterans who are at risk of suicide, as well as delivered thousands of media impressions through outreach on social media and online forums. It assessed veterans who display moderate- to high-risk of self-harm and connected them to care. Stop Soldier Suicide delivered specialized, culturally competent telemental health care and individualized care plans to veterans at high risk for suicide, and connected clients to services to help alleviate crises. It also strengthened its network of partners to bridge gaps in care, enhanced peer-to-peer support, and provided external clinical services when needed. Stop Soldier Suicide continued to evaluate its model to support ongoing quality improvement and effective implementation. The evaluation served as a blueprint for other statewide expansions of the Disrupt Veteran Suicide program across the country.