Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Hudson River Consortium

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

October 21, 2009


Capital Region






Human service agencies in the Hudson River region face decreased revenues due to low Medicaid rates, reduction or loss of State grant funding and contracts, delays in securing client benefit eligibility (Medicaid, SSI, Public Assistance), and lower levels of charitable giving and philanthropic support due to the economic downturn.

Unity House, ClearView Center, Equinox, Mohawk Opportunities, Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties, Inc., Transitional Services Association, and Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health developed a partnership model through the integration of data systems and programs.

The Hudson River Consortium is an umbrella organization of well established, mid-sized nonprofits providing a range of client-centered human services that have experienced dramatic increases in demand and decreases in revenues. With support from NYHealth, this project improved access to services, increased service coordination/integration, achieved organizational efficiencies, and improved advocacy for clients and communities on a regional basis.