Female veteran in military fatigues and her young child embrace happily.

New York’s Veterans: An In-depth Profile



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Veterans’ Health


October 27, 2021

Veterans’ Health

This NYHealth data profile offers an overview of New York State’s veteran population, including statistics on factors affecting veterans’ health such as employment status, income, and food security.

New York State is home to the fifth-largest veteran population in the country. Since NYHealth published its 2017 snapshot of veterans and health in New York State, the veteran population has declined and become more diverse. This 2021 profile includes new data on topics such as how veterans access health care, veteran suicide, and mental health challenges facing veterans.

The aggregated data—compiled from federal agencies, national surveys, and veteran advocacy organizations—provides a timely overview of New York State’s veteran population. Among the findings:

  • In 2018, New York State was home to 790,000 veterans.
  • That same year, minorities made up 23% of New York State’s veteran population.
  • Veterans in New York die by suicide at a much higher rate than the general State population (nearly twice as high in 2019).
  • Nearly 70% of veterans under 65 have private health insurance coverage.

As New York State’s veteran population continues to change, these data are vital to tailor policies and services for meeting the health needs of our former service members.