Care Across Communities Dashboard: Explore Primary Care in New York



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Primary Care


June 2024

Primary Care

Understanding disparities in primary care access and utilization is crucial for improving public health outcomes and ensuring equitable health care delivery. The Care Across Communities dashboard offers a detailed ZIP code-level exploration of New York’s primary care landscape. 

This tool is designed to provide comprehensive insights into primary care across three domains: primary care access and utilization, health outcomes, and socio-demographic status.

 Key Features for In-Depth Analysis: 

  • Interactive Data Visualization: Select different primary care measures such as “No Usual Source of Care” to see variations across ZIP codes displayed on the color-coded, interactive map. 
  • Detailed ZIP Code-Level Data: Click on any ZIP code or use the search function to delve into specific area statistics, including health outcomes and health service utilization rates. 
  • Comprehensive Information Panels: Access detailed information on selected measures, comparing local data to county and state averages and examining racial and ethnic data. 

Explore the Care Across Communities dashboard.

A heat map of New York State showing areas where patients lack access to primary care.

We welcome user feedback to help us improve future versions of the dashboard. Please send us an e-mail with any suggestions!