Empowering Health Care Consumers



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Empowering Health Care Consumers


July 11, 2018


This NYHealth-funded interactive, online database by HonestHealth and accompanying report, prepared by the Human Services Research Institute, examine findings from an inventory of more than 230 health care transparency tools across the United States.

Despite their increasing popularity, many online health care transparency tools are relatively new and vary widely in the information contained and how it is displayed. As New York State continues to invest in important resources to ensure that residents have access to timely and meaningful information to make decisions about their health, including the State’s all-payer database (APD), it is important that policymakers, advocates, and consumers have a complete picture of existing health care transparency tools, their ideal features, and what merits replication by the State.

The online database evaluates the national tools inventoried in four categories: physicians, hospitals, prescription drug pricing, and health insurance purchasing. The accompanying report, “Advancing Health Care Transparency for Consumers: A National Inventory of Tools to Guide State Policy,” summarizes key findings from the inventory and offers best practices and recommendations for New York State to consider for new or existing tools.