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September 16, 2015


This NYHealth-funded report, prepared by the APCD Council, examines the issues related to the development of regulations and policies for an all-payer database (APD) in New York State.

It also offers recommendations for State policymakers on the choices before them and seeks to preserve an expansive vision for the APD and the extent of its powers.

More than four years ago, New York State passed legislation enabling the creation of an APD, which would bring together encounter and payment data from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers. It is seen by many as a future resource for price transparency, quality oversight, policy research, and health systems transformation. The State currently is developing regulations and policies related to the APD on matters such as State authority; price and quality transparency; stakeholder access and use; data release; and governance.

The report captures lessons learned from other states that have developed, or are developing, similar systems and highlights the perspectives of key stakeholders in New York. The following recommendations for developing a robust APD are detailed in the report:

  • Develop a phased approach to APD data release based upon use cases;
  • Develop price transparency tools;
  • Include self-funded data sources in the APD;
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement and communications process regarding the APD startup functions; and
  • Formalize an APD data quality program.