Spreading OpenNotes in New York State

OpenNotes is a national movement to give patients access to their own clinical notes written by their doctors, nurses, or other clinicians. Established in 2010 at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, OpenNotes spurs real patient engagement by giving patients and their caregivers access to the clinical notes written by health care providers. When patients have access to their own health information, they become equal partners with providers in managing their own care and are better able to develop stronger relationships with their health care team—all of which results in improved patient care and experience.

To help empower patients, NYHealth issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in 2017, Spreading OpenNotes in New York State, to foster the spread of OpenNotes to more New York State hospitals and patients. Through this RFP, along with prior grants in January 2017 and August 2016 to fund OpenNotes adoption at health systems in New York City, NYHealth is supporting hospitals across the State in implementing OpenNotes at their facilities.

Below is a complete list of selected hospitals.

Elderly couple reviews paperwork on their tablet.