On March 5, 2021, NYHealth hosted a webinar discussion on addressing the needs of women veterans.

Since the founding of our country, women have played an integral role in our nation’s military and are serving in record numbers today. They are the fastest growing demographic in the veteran community and make up approximately 10% of the veteran population—a total of more than 2 million women veterans nationwide.

Most women who serve in the military transition to healthy, purpose-driven lives after their time in service; however, far too many face myriad obstacles that can prevent a smooth reintegration. Women veterans also have unique health needs and disproportionately negative health outcomes when compared with their male and civilian counterparts. To address these inequities, Congress passed the Deborah Sampson Act in early 2021, which aims to expand access to health care and benefits for women veterans.

Andrea Goldstein, Senior Policy Advisor, Women Veterans Task Force, Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives and Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Reserves, discussed the complex issues that women veterans face, the provisions in the Deborah Sampson Act, and what else we all can be doing to support women veterans.

Watch the webinar recording.

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