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Refugees Get Off to a New Start with Health Care Services

The United States has a longstanding history of accepting refugees in search of a new life, all of whom have fled war-torn countries or cannot safely return to their home country.

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Impacting Real New Yorkers

NYHealth pursues ambitious goals to improve the health of all New Yorkers. As we stay focused on larger goals to achieve widespread changes to health care policy and practice, we are continually motivated and inspired by the people and communities that the Foundation and our grantees are helping every day. Read their stories.

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Taking Action to Support Youth Mental Health

NYHealth grantees like the New York School-Based Health Foundation and Organización Latino Americana of Eastern Long Island are working to support the mental health needs of students in communities across New York State.

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Rebuilding a Good Life

Pazir was ripped from the life he knew when the Taliban bombed the Kabul International Airport. Read his story of trauma, resilience, and recovery.

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Connecting More New Yorkers to Fresh, Locally Grown Produce

NYHealth grantee Field & Fork is expanding a nutrition incentive program across New York State.

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Spreading Open Notes Throughout New York State

NYHealth has long supported the spread of open notes throughout the State as a leading strategy in our consumer empowerment portfolio to promote transparency and patients’ access to their own information.

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Pursuing Racial Health Equity

For NYHealth, health equity means that everyone has the opportunities and resources they need to be as healthy as possible and that no one is disadvantaged.

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Engaging the Residents of Niagara Falls

Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative’s Resident Engagement Council is working with residents from the community to take on leadership roles and advocate for community improvement.

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Tackling the Opioid Crisis in New York State

The opioid crisis in New York State is multifaceted, and solving it will require a range of interventions. NYHealth is supporting a number of activities to address the epidemic.

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Bringing Peacemaking to the Near Westside

The Center for Court Innovation is working with other community partners to promote health and wellness in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse, a Healthy Neighborhoods Fund community.

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East Harlem Bikes, Runs, and Walks Its Way to Better Health

Even though he’s only five years old, Moa is an expert on the happenings on Randall’s Island, having explored every corner of the park during visits with his parents, Nicole and Sandy.

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