Making Grants

Because New York State’s health system is so vast and the public health issues facing New Yorkers are so complex, our grantmaking is targeted to areas where we can use our resources effectively to address the most pressing health and health care issues facing New Yorkers today.

NYHealth grantees reflect the geographic, economic, social, cultural, and racial and ethnic diversity of the Empire State.

Informing Policy

To make a difference beyond our grant dollars and achieve greater impact, we seek to inform changes in policy and practice that will lead to a transformed, more equitable health system and better health for all New Yorkers, especially people of color and others who have been historically marginalized.

We support timely, unbiased, credible analyses and research on important health policy issues facing New York State and develop practical solutions along with our partners and grantees.

Sharing What Works

As a statewide organization committed to improving the health of all New Yorkers, especially people of color and others who have been historically marginalized, we are interested in supporting efforts that can have wide-scale impact. When we see a promising or proven idea, we endeavor to collaborate with our grantees, partners, and other funders in testing, replicating, and spreading that model.

Though our financial resources are relatively modest for a statewide foundation, we make concerted efforts to leverage our limited dollars to achieve the most impact.

Priority Areas

Empowering Health Care Consumers

New Yorkers find the health care system incredibly complex to understand and navigate. To ensure that consumers have the tools, resources, and support they need to be empowered and make informed decisions about their health care, the Foundation is focused on two strategies: (1) promoting information transparency and (2) engaging patients as partners in health care decision-making.

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Healthy Food, Healthy Lives

Food insecurity is widespread and serious across New York State. To connect New Yorkers with the food they need to thrive, NYHealth seeks to enable policies that promote healthy and affordable food and test and scale programs that connect people to healthy and affordable food.

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Special Projects Fund

Grants through our Special Projects Fund allow us to support projects that address an important health care or public health issue in the State, but are outside of our targeted priority areas. Eligible projects are coordinated interventions that take place over a specified period of time to achieve quantifiable results.

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Veterans' Health

The NYHealth Initiative for Returning Veterans and Their Families seeks to underscore that the health care, mental health, and social services issues returning veterans and their families face are not solely military issues, but public and community health issues that should be addressed by local and national government agencies, community-based organizations, and health funders.

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Our History

NYHealth was established as a private foundation to receive the charitable funds resulting from the conversion of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield from a nonprofit organization to a for-profit corporation. Since beginning operations in 2006, NYHealth has made nearly 1,400 grants totaling nearly $178 million to more than 700 organizations to improve the health of all New Yorkers, especially people of color and others who have been historically marginalized.

The New York Health Foundation was created by the Health Care Workforce Recruitment and Retention Act in 2002.


Our Guiding Principles


Establish and adhere to clear, focused goals and strategies

What We Fund

Be open and transparent about our activities, successes, and failures

Grant Outcomes

Engage health experts and community leaders to help us set priorities and choose grantees

Community Advisory Committee

Be statewide in focus

Our Grantees

Be a learning organization interested in measuring outcomes, communicating results, and diffusing successful ideas for implementation throughout our State and beyond

Event Recaps

Invest in programs with sustainable and replicable prospects


Leverage our resources to maximize the impact of our grant support

Grant Outcomes

Have processes that are user-friendly and responsive to the public

Tools for Grantees

Encourage our staff to perform at high levels and grow in abilities over time

Our Team