August 10, 2023

On August 10, 2023, NYHealth hosted a webinar on public guardianship, individual dignity, and self determination. Speakers from Project Guardianship, including President and CEO Kimberly George, Director of Policy and Advocacy Azaleea Carlea, and Director of New York State Guardianship Initiatives Deena Schwartz, discussed the systemic barriers to accessing publicly appointed guardians, alternatives to guardianship, and the burgeoning statewide effort to ensure access to high-quality guardianship for those who need it. 

Despite a legal mandate to appoint a guardian to every person who needs one, New York offers no statewide program or related fund. As a result, access to guardianship is often only an option for people with resources to appoint a family member, friend, or hired private guardian. Women, people of color, and people with low income are disproportionately at the mercy of a small patchwork of nonprofits and a few private guardians willing to take cases at a low fee.  

Watch the webinar recording and view slides from the presentation.

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