Building Healthy Communities

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Taconic Research & Education Fund, Inc., fiscal sponsor for Lake Fleet Consulting

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Building Healthy Communities

Publication Date

December 2017

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Grant Date:

January 2016 – July 2016

New York State has incorporated population health goals into several major health care initiatives, including the Prevention Agenda, Medicaid Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, and State Innovation Models (SIM) initiative.

But population health means different things to different stakeholders. Government and public health officials are likely to view population health as the health outcomes of all people within their jurisdictions. Public and private health plans are likely to think about their own members’ health outcomes.  Providers are more likely to focus on their own patient panels. The different interpretations of population health necessitate careful coordination to avoid duplicating efforts and wasting resources within interventions and funding streams. To maximize the value of the State’s investments in population health, stakeholders should be clear on what role they can play, how resources are being allocated within New York State communities, and how they can create synergies from these investments. In 2015, NYHealth awarded Taconic Education and Research Fund, Inc., as fiscal sponsor to Lake Fleet Consulting, a grant to assess New York’s funding streams for population health and map out how those funds are being allocated within communities and organizations across the State.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Completed a comprehensive data assessment for fiscal year 2015–16 from federal and State sources and private foundations;
  • Conducted interviews with stakeholders from across the State representing local health departments, rural health networks, community collaboratives, private foundations, hospitals, government agencies, and policy organizations; and
  • Prepared a final report, “A Strategic Assessment of New York State’s Regional Population Health Investments,” analyzing the New York State Department of Health’s (NYSDOH) current funding for total population health.

The report identifies opportunities for the State and other policymakers and stakeholders to maximize the value of the State’s investments in population health and continue its progress toward achieving the goals set forth in its Prevention Agenda. Recommendations include:

  • Provide more resources within NYSDOH to support the operation of the Prevention Agenda framework;
  • Develop, maintain, and make publicly available a population health grant data set;
  • Take a collaborative approach to grant design that further involves community stakeholders;
  • Engage private and community foundations and consider formation of a philanthropic collaborative to support New York State’s population efforts;
  • Provide dedicated funding to increase local health departments’ participation in local and regional collaboratives; and
  • Identify an accessible, public-facing champion for population health within NYSDOH.

The project was a unique collaboration among NYSDOH, NYHealth, and Lake Fleet Consulting. NYSDOH provided the data necessary for the analysis and provided feedback that was incorporated into the final version.

Early feedback from stakeholders across the State indicate that the assessment report is a helpful planning tool. A follow-up convening with NYSDOH is planned to discuss in greater detail the report’s recommendations, particularly in light of existing State budget cuts and anticipated federal budget cuts to vital public health programming.

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