Special Projects Fund

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University of Rochester, Environmental Health Sciences Center

Funding Area

Special Projects Fund

Publication Date

May 2010

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

January 2008 – January 2009


Childhood lead poisoning rates have decreased in the past several decades, but the rates in upstate New York remain among the highest in the country, particularly among low-income children living in older housing.

To address the high risk of childhood lead poisoning in upstate counties, diverse stakeholders in Rochester formed the community-based Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (CPLP). In 2005, as a result of the Coalition’s efforts, Rochester passed the first local lead law in New York State (outside of New York City), which required inspections for lead paint hazards as part of Rochester’s existing housing inspection process for rental housing.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Local partner organizations in Chemung and Cayuga counties were able to form local lead coalitions;
  • Each local partner increased its knowledge and local awareness on lead poisoning, and became more involved in its county lead coalitions;
  • The needs assessment provided each local partner with clear, concise data to use in its future grant seeking efforts;
  • Of the three counties that tried to replicate this coalition model and sustain it, efforts in Chemung County were the strongest; and
  • Lead testing rates more than doubled in Chemung County during the grant period (most likely due to awareness-raising efforts).