Expanding Health Care Coverage

Grantee Name

Medicare Rights Center

Funding Area

Expanding Health Care Coverage

Publication Date

March 2010

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

January 2008 – December 2008


Many seniors living in the South Bronx who have incomes below the poverty level are eligible for low-income benefit programs, such as the Medicare Savings Program; however, less than one-third of these eligible individuals were actually enrolled in low-income programs.

The disproportionate share of poor senior residents and those affected by diabetes in this community resulted in an urgent need for direct assistance in accessing benefits programs and teaching senior residents to effectively use these benefits.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Medicare Rights conducted more than 100 site visits and counseled approximately 400 Bronx seniors on Medicare issues.
  • Although Medicare Rights did not meet its outreach goal of 800 residents, it exceeded its target with respect to the number of residents enrolled in low-income programs and receiving assistance with Medicare Part D.
  • Medicare Rights also exceeded its goal in terms of the amount of savings secured for SEBCO residents, earning a 6:1 return on NYHealth’s initial investment.
  • Medicare Rights’ caseworkers transitioned from being direct service providers to being technical assistance providers, as SEBCO residence coordinators began providing Medicare presentations and assisting residents.

Read the report associated with the grant, “An Assessment of New York Health Foundation 2007 Health Insurance Coverage Grants.”