Special Projects Fund

Grantee Name

His Branches

Funding Area

Special Projects Fund

Publication Date

April 2010


Private practitioners working in association with His Branches have provided medical services at its current location for the past 30 years.

In today’s contracted reimbursement environment, however, the sustainability of these services is in question. This $23,000 special opportunity grant has provided funding to convert His Branches’ health clinic to an article 28 Diagnostic and treatment Facility. Conversion to article 28 status allows for increased Medicaid reimbursements and community support in the form of donations and grants, as well as additional state and Federal reimbursements, which would make it possible for His Branches to provide services to more people.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • By the close of the grant, NYSDOH had accepted His Branches’ completed quality assurance plan and comprehensive Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Implemented a fully integrated and functional suite of medical records software that included electronic medical record keeping, scheduling, and billing for private and third-party insurance payers, as well as mandated New York State reporting.
  • Completed renovations on its clinical office suite to meet or exceed all of NYSDOH’s requirements for an outpatient primary care Diagnostic & Treatment Facility.