Special Projects Fund

Grantee Name

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Division of General Internal Medicine

Funding Area

Special Projects Fund

Publication Date

October 2008

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

February2007 – January 2008


East Harlem has the highest rate of hospitalization and death from asthma in New York State.

With proven and effective therapies available for asthma care, many emergency room visits and hospitalizations are preventable. This project sought to improve access to timely, high-quality follow-up care for adults with asthma in East Harlem who visit the emergency room or are hospitalized at Mount Sinai.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Developed a patient-friendly asthma self-management Web site was delayed due to problems with the institution’s main Web site, which is undergoing redesign.
  • Envisioned a Web site where physicians could access resources and information to give to their patients; however the asthma navigator found that many patients gave the hospital inaccurate or nonworking telephone contact numbers, which made them difficult to reach.
  • Project staff had planned to seek institutional approval to access the Mount Sinai medical records system; however, the Project Director left Mount Sinai in September 2008, and that evaluation could not be carried out.