Michael outwardly laughed off or ignored the teasing and bullying he endured at his Bronx high school for being overweight, but the psychological effects were damaging.

A nutrition and fitness program to improve the health and self-esteem of overweight/obese youth in the Bronx has given new hope to Michael and other high school students and their families.

In November 2006, NYHealth funded the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center, in partnership with The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, to support the B’N Fit program, which addresses the epidemic of obesity among New York high school students.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reports that almost one in three high school students in New York City is obese. Obese children are prone to serious health risks, including high blood pressure and cholesterol; adult onset diabetes; obstructive sleep apnea; worsening of asthma; and obesity-related kidney, liver, and bone disease.

This video takes an in-depth look at the B’N Fit program and its impact on Kevin and other overweight/obese adolescents and their families.

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