The owner of Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast since 1995, Monique Greenwood is committed to providing health care coverage for her employees.

Today, Monique has opened additional locations in New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, but believes that the true mark of her success as a small business owner was being able to offer health care benefits.

Monique easily found information about plans and pricing through NYC Health Insurance Link, developed by the Human Resources Administration’s Office of Citywide Health Insurances Access with support from an NYHealth grant. This Web-based tool helped New Yorkers find a health insurance plan that best fit their health care needs and budgets. Business owners like Monique could search for and compare health plans, including those with low and high deductibles; those with and without particular benefits, such as prescription drugs; and those with in- and out-of-network provider choices. The tool provides users with a full range of comprehensive health plans available in New York City from every carrier, tips to help consumer and business owners find more affordable coverage options, and timely information of coverage changes happening now and in the as a result of federal health care reform.

“Being able to now offer health care benefits has helped me attract and retain the best possible staff in the industry,” said Monique. And NYC Health Insurance Link “allows me to find the most affordable coverage for my staff.”

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