Primary Care

Project Title

NYHF Strategic Priority Background Work - Addressing the High Cost of Health Care in New York State

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Primary Care

Date Awarded

December 28, 2006


Finger Lakes




Health care costs are rising to what is arguably an unmanageable level, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ project that health care spending will account for 20 percent of GDP by 2015.

Total health care spending in NY is about $45 billion, the highest in the nation. It is also clear that this spending is not buying high quality health care; the current system is geared towards acute, rather than preventive or chronic care, which could save costs. The efforts to stall and to reduce costs include consumer-directed health care, but it is unclear that consumer-directed health plans will actually control costs. With support from NYHealth, the Center for Governmental Research (the Center) will investigate the issue of cost and transparency in the New York State health care system and develop a report on its findings.

The Center for Governmental Research will collaborate with NYHealth on the execution and completion of this report. It is proposed that the Director of the Center will co-author this report with NYHealth staff. The Director will also be responsible for subcontracting with one or two other experts with whom NYHealth may consult in completing this report.  The Center will also convene a meeting(s) that would include health care leaders from across the State, to think through the potential strategies NYHealth could consider in this area. The final report on health care costs and transparency will include input from the Center, NYHealth and information derived from smaller papers submitted by the Center’s health care experts.