Primary Care

Project Title

Advancing Health Homes in New York: Identifying Best Practices in Recruitment and Engagement & Promoting Sustainability

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Priority Area

Primary Care

Date Awarded

September 18, 2013


Outside New York State





The implementation of Medicaid health homes represents a major delivery system transformation effort on the part of the New York State Department of Health to provide integrated care management and care coordination for beneficiaries with multiple chronic health needs.

However, recruitment and engagement efforts often are challenged by an array of psychological barriers experienced by the individuals who stand to benefit the most from health home services— particularly those whose health care service utilization and associated costs are likely to be impacted by the newly available care coordination and management services. NYHealth awarded Center for Health Care Strategies a grant to identify key factors for health home sustainability.

Under this grant, Center for Health Care Strategies developed a paper on recruitment and engagement strategies to address challenges and best practices for health homes. It also conducted a sustainability meeting to convene representatives from states that were early adopters to discuss key factors of health home implementation and maintenance.

Read the two reports associated with this grant: