Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Strategic Alliance between Greenwich House and The Caring Community

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

July 26, 2010








Founded as a settlement house in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Greenwich House has been responding to the vital needs of New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds by providing critical social and health services, and cultural and educational programs since 1902.

The Caring Community (TCC) is an almost 40-year-old organization that was founded to meet the needs of older New Yorkers residing in Greenwich Village and later extended its services to lower Manhattan. Together, Greenwich House and TCC share common missions, operate similar programs, and serve overlapping populations. In 2010, the nationwide economic crisis and projected municipal budget cuts placed the services delivered at TCC in serious jeopardy. To address these concerns, NYHealth awarded Greenwich House a grant later that year to evaluate and create a strategic alliance between Greenwich House and TCC. The intent of the alliance was to preserve vital services that might otherwise be lost as a result of the economic downturn and consolidate administrative overhead between both organizations.

Two multi-service organizations, Greenwich House and the Caring Community (TCC), will more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of Greenwich Village seniors by consolidating their management and operations. Specifically, TCC will be established as an affiliate corporation of Greenwich House, and its four senior centers will be solely managed by Greenwich House. The consolidation of administrative functions will increase operating efficiencies, reduce costs through bulk purchasing arrangements, and consolidate many “back-office” functions such as accounting, human resources, information technology, and fundraising.

Greenwich House and TCC share common missions, operate similar programs, and serve overlapping populations. Greenwich House provides vital services and programs in mental health for seniors, chemical dependency, arts, and nursery school services. TCC serves its clients through the provision of daily meals, classes, and social service programs, including case assistance and money management.