Project Title

Health Career Connection Internship Program, Class of 2019

Grant Amount


Priority Area


Date Awarded

March 20, 2019







Health Career Connection, Inc., (HCC) is a national nonprofit organization that provides undergraduate students from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds with internship placements at health care and public health organizations.

The participants recruited by HCC are commonly first-generation college students from low-income families and communities. In 2014, NYHealth awarded HCC a grant to match students with internship placements at organizations that fit their interests, including at the Foundation. The resulting experience was exceptional for both the students and hosting organizations, which led NYHealth to award HCC additional grants in 20152016, 2017, and 2018. To continue support for this initiative, NYHealth awarded HCC a grant in 2019.

Under this grant, HCC matched seven interns to organizations suited to their career interests in the health care or public health sector. One of the interns was placed at NYHealth; the other six were placed with NYHealth grantee organizations in New York City that have the mentoring capacity and ability to make effective use of a high-performing intern. During the 10-week internships, interns gained valuable, on-ground-experience and networked with public health and health care professionals. HCC also provided the interns with support through its growing alumni and other professional networks.