Primary Care

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Chartbook of Health Care Costs and Payments in New York

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Primary Care

Date Awarded

April 1, 2013


Outside New York State




New York ranks among the highest-cost states in terms of health care spending per capita. It ranks first in the nation for per capita Medicaid spending and fourth in the nation in Medicare spending per enrollee.

It is projected that health care spending in New York could rapidly increase to more than $300 billion by 2020, outpacing both inflation and overall economic growth. Growing cost pressures require a serious, focused effort to fundamentally improve health care delivery and payment systems. While a significant amount of information exists on payment reform in New York, it is scattered across multiple sources and places. With funding from NYHealth, Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA) developed a compendium of information and produced a chartbook that presents the facts on health care costs, spending, and payment in New York State.

Under this grant, HMA pulled together existing information on payment reform and presented it in a simple-to-use chartbook. It made its case visually, translating complex information into easily-understood graphics that are accessible to a wide audience. It depicted health care costs across the spectrum, from the cost to the State to the cost for employers to the cost for households. Themes of the chartbook included the impact of rising costs; where the dollars go; drivers of spending growth; variations in spending; the relationship between quality of care and spending; and some public health indicators. The chartbook was published online by NYHealth.

Access the online chart book, “Health Care Costs and Spending in New York State,” for a downloadable PDF or PowerPoint presentation.