Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Project Title

A Report on NYHealth’s Work to Advance Integrated Care of Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Date Awarded

September 24, 2012


Outside New York State





Nearly 9 million Americans cope with both mental health and substance use disorders at the same time, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Yet fewer than one in every 10 people with co-occurring disorders receives treatment for both conditions. To address the shortcomings of New York State’s licensed addiction and mental health programs in treating people with co-occurring disorders, NYHealth established the first-of-its-kind Center for Excellence in Integrated Care (CEIC) in 2008 with a four-year grant to National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. With support from NYHealth, Health Policy Associates, Inc. conducted a comprehensive examination of NYHealth’s efforts to integrate mental health and substance use services since 2008.

The report included background information on the issue of co-occurring disorders, NYHealth’s strategy to address the system’s problems, CEIC’s approach to the issue and the impact of its work on the system and the people the system serves, and the future of integrated behavioral services in primary care, as well as its implications with respect to health reform initiatives. It provided the Foundation, CEIC, State agencies, and other stakeholders with a clear, concise assessment of the results of this $3.9 million investment. The report also highlighted grantmaking lessons that NYHealth can apply going forward, and informed other foundations interested in better integrating systems of care.