Primary Care

Project Title

New York State Payment Innovation Symposium

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Priority Area

Primary Care

Date Awarded

June 10, 2015


Capital Region





For all of the promise of payment reform and the ambitious goals of State and federal initiatives, actual adoption has been slow. The vast majority of payments in both the commercial and Medicaid markets are still made on a fee-for-service basis rather than alternative payment methods, such as bundles or capitations.

Whereas well-resourced health care providers often have the analytic capacity or resources to explore new payment mechanisms, smaller institutions may lack the training or know-how to take the first steps. In 2015, NYHealth awarded the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund a grant on behalf of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) to host an all-day symposium for health care providers and other stakeholders to learn more about new payment models that support meaningful health care redesign.

With NYHealth funding, HANYS will host a symposium that will provide attendees with a platform to share successes, learn from others, and start new collaborations among health care providers. Topics to be discussed include an introduction to new payment models; value-based evaluation and negotiation strategies; common cost drivers; and resources and tools for risk-based payment models. Through this event, leaders from large and small health care institutions will have the opportunity to network and build a statewide resource in support of payment reform. Panelists will present case histories of their own experiences with payment innovation and respond to a series of moderated questions. Furthermore, the symposium will directly focus on payment reform efforts and pressures that are unique to New York State. Following the event, HANYS will conduct an evaluative survey measuring the usefulness of the activity.