Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Conversion to Community Health Center Status Phase 2

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

January 3, 2011


Finger Lakes






In 2007, NYHealth funded His Branches, a health clinic serving low income individuals in Rochester, to convert its facilities to an Article 28 community health center.

By doing so, it would allow for the facility to receive increased Medicaid reimbursements and community support in the form of donations and grants, as well as additional State and federal funds. The main activities of this grant involved completing the last two contingency steps required by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to finalize its conversion. By the close of the grant, NYSDOH’s final inspection of His Branches’ facility updates had not yet occurred; the resulting inspection revealed that His Branches no longer met necessary building codes, which had been updated after the initial grant award, for its bathroom facilities. To meet these codes, NYHealth awarded His Branches a second grant in 2011 to bring its bathroom facilities into compliance with Article 28 status.

After completing several smaller revisions required by NYSDOH, His Branches received full Article 28 licensure in July 2011.

His Branches has identified a cost-effective renovation plan that has been approved by the NYSDOH and is now being put out for competitive bid. Following completion of the renovation project, the facility will meet code, allowing full Article 28 certification to follow.