Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Conversion to Community Health Center Status

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

November 15, 2007


Finger Lakes






Private practitioners working in association with His Branches have provided medical services at its current location for the past 30 years. In today’s contracted reimbursement environment, however, the sustainability of these services is in question. This $23,000 special opportunity grant has provided funding to convert His Branches’ health clinic to an article 28 Diagnostic and treatment Facility. Conversion to article 28 status allows for increased Medicaid reimbursements and community support in the form of donations and grants, as well as additional state and Federal reimbursements, which would make it possible for His Branches to provide services to more people.

His Branches, Inc., is a nonsectarian Christian ministry that seeks to bring hope, healing, and restoration to individuals, families, and entire neighborhoods.

The goals of His Branches Inc., include providing high quality, faith-based family health care that is accessible and affordable; developing collaborative health and wellness centers in underserved neighborhoods that will serve as catalysts for positive individual and social change; offering preventive health/wellness education services to help clients learn how to stay healthy and reduce the risk of illness; and providing access to individual and family therapy and counseling services to restore personal and family wholeness. Programs include Grace Family Medicine (primary care), Embracing Options (pregnancy support), Hope Family Counseling and Support Center, and Rochester Youth Outreach.

NYHealth support will allow His Branches, Inc., to complete the process of converting its medical outreach program to full Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment Facility status. In June 2006, the New York State Department of Health approved His Branches, Inc.’s, Certificate of Need application for conversion, subject to the completion of 11 contingencies. This grant will allow His Branches to complete the final contingency of paying one-time costs associated with the conversion.