Project Title

Internship of the National Urban Fellows, Class of 2011

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Date Awarded

September 1, 2010







NYHealth is committed to promoting diversity and leadership within the fields of health care and philanthropy by serving as a mentorship site for the National Urban Fellows (NUF) program.

The NUF program matches multi-ethnic, multicultural mid-career women and men with nonprofit and government organizations across the country, with the goal of fostering leadership skills. Fellows receive a Master of Public Administration degree upon completion of their mentorships and academic requirements. NYHealth’s participation in the NUF program helps prepare potential leaders who are interested in pursuing careers in philanthropy and the health care industry. Each year since 2006, a NUF fellow has worked with staff at NYHealth on several projects designed specifically for their mentorship year.

The National Urban Fellows (NUF) Program trains a diverse cadre of potential leaders in public administration. Each fellow—chosen from a national competition—receives full tuition and a living stipend to complete a Master of Public Administration degree at the City University of New York Baruch College, and to spend nine months as an intern in a nonprofit organization in the United States. Every year since 2006, a fellow has interned at the Foundation. This support will continue in 2012.

To maximize each fellow’s talents while providing a rich learning experience, NYHealth assigns concrete projects and goals to allow fellows to focus their time and energy. Connecting the fellow’s interests and existing skill set with opportunities to grow, expand, and attain new competencies makes for a fulfilling experience for the fellow, as well as for the mentoring organization.