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Evaluation Technical Assistance for NYHealth Grantees: Phase 6

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November 3, 2014








Smaller, nonacademic organizations often lack the experience, time, and resources needed to conduct and implement evaluations that are critical to effective program execution and sustainability.

To address this need among its own grantees, NYHealth began funding in 2008 a technical assistance initiative that offered additional assistance in strengthening the evaluation aspects of grantee projects. With funding from NYHealth, the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine evaluation team provided direct assistance to selected grantees, held training workshops for grantees, and created an online evaluation resource to be used by potential NYHealth applicants. With a grant from NYHealth, the evaluation program continued to build on the success of the previous grants.

The evaluation program continued to hold evaluation technical assistance workshops—Workshop A were held in January 2015 and Workshop B took place later in 2015. These workshops covered a range of topics, including developing a logic model; designing and implementing a process evaluation; developing an outcome evaluation strategy; developing a survey plan; coding and analyzing qualitative data; and identifying and using secondary data. The program also continued with one-hour consultations with all new grantees who were candidates for the evaluation workshops. Following each workshop, the evaluation team reached out to interested grantees to review the type of assistance needed. In total, 15 organizations received this individualized assistance during the grant period. Finally, the online evaluation toolkit developed in Phase 2 was promoted to potential NYHealth applicants and current grantees in order to facilitate interaction with fellow grantees on evaluation issues. The NYU team also worked with NYHealth staff to better integrate this toolkit into its grantmaking process.

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