Expanding Health Care Coverage

Project Title

Improving Care and Reducing Costs for High-cost Medicaid Patients: Phase 2

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Expanding Health Care Coverage

Date Awarded

April 1, 2010







The previous work conducted by Professor Billings with NYHealth support was instrumental in developing and implementing New York State’s Chronic Illness Demonstration program (CIDP). CIDP is a $20 million investment by the State that seeks to improve care management and coordination for high-cost, fee-for-service Medicaid patients.

Professor Billings created a predictive model to identify patients at risk for recurring high health care costs and multiple hospitalizations. This model has proven to be accurate and has identified more than 33,000 chronically ill patients who are at risk for multiple future hospitalizations. The model served as the basis for CIDP, and Professor Billings has run his algorithm on a quarterly basis to provide CIDP sites with up-to-date lists of patients who are eligible for their intervention. These data allow the sites to identify and enroll eligible patients when they enter their facilities, and to reach out to eligible patients in the community.

With a Phase 2 grant, Dr. John Billings, Director, Center for Health and Public Service Research at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service, continued to support New York State’s CIDP through the final three years of the demonstration.