Project Title

Building Healthy Communities Conference Scholarship

Grant Amount


Priority Area


Date Awarded

December 8, 2016


Central NY





A key goal of NYHealth’s Building Healthy Communities priority area is to create healthy communities that lead to more New Yorkers of all ages eating healthy foods, being physically active, and having access to a range of programs that encourage healthy life choices.

Many organizations across the State are doing smart, innovative work that is relevant to NYHealth’s work to improve health in New York neighborhoods. These organizations should be elevating their work and informing key stakeholders at conferences and other convenings in New York and nationally. Yet, because of a lack of resources, they are often unable to do so. To address this issue, NYHealth awarded grants through its Sponsoring Conference Participation in Support of Healthy Communities Request for Proposals (RFP). Through this RFP, NYHealth is sponsoring community-based organizations, health departments, and other low-resource organizations to attend and present at local, State, and national conferences related to building healthy communities. In 2016, NYHealth awarded the Oswego County Health Department (OCHD) a grant to participate in this initiative.

With NYHealth funding, OCHD sent one staff member to attend the fourth annual Population Health Summit, “Working Across Sectors to Address Social Determinants of Health.” The summit sought to deepen and extend the understanding of ongoing efforts in New York State and nationally that demonstrate effective collaboration between health care and other sectors to advance population health. OCHD gave a poster presentation on a program that targeted childhood obesity prevention and reduction, which showcased effective collaboration among the local health department, elementary schools, and a university. OCHD shared information learned from the summit with local researchers and providers, which will help to shape decisions and identify emerging issues at the county level.

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