Special Projects Fund

Project Title

Benefits of a Combined Electronic Health Record and Quality Management Strategic Alliance between PPNYC and PP Nassau County

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Priority Area

Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

October 12, 2009


Long Island







As client visits dramatically increase along with the need to improve efficiencies, both Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) and Planned Parenthood of Nassau County (PP Nassau County) believe that forming a strategic alliance around clinical services will allow for optimization of client services at both affiliates.

PP Nassau County’s implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR), serves as a platform that unifies both affiliate’s respective Quality Management (QM) programs. EHR and QM together enable both affiliates to provide a higher quality standard of care. Both affiliates benefit via improvements in efficiency, greater staff capacity, and a more stable revenue stream. Clients benefit through greater access and constantly evolving streamlined and improved customer service.

This grant facilitated a strategic partnership between PPNYC and PP Nassau County. The partnership entailed PPNYC providing technical assistance to PP Nassau County during their EHR adoption, which eliminated the need for PP Nassau County to build its own templates, an extremely labor intensive and expensive process. PPNYC’s experience in planning, implementing, and effectively using EHR greatly benefited PP Nassau County from making its process of EHR adoption more efficient and cost effective, enabling the organization to more quickly reap clinical and financial benefits.

By combining QM, duplication of effort was reduced and even eliminated in a number of areas including: staff training, reviewing new standards and guidelines, revising client materials, and developing trainings for all staff on implementing revised protocols (via web conferencing). Less duplication of effort resulted in time and cost savings and thereby increased the capacity of both affiliates to ensure that services are uniform and of the highest quality for all clients, regardless of which health center they visit.