Primary Care

Project Title

Growing New York’s Primary Care Investment: Phase 2

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Primary Care

Date Awarded

June 9, 2023





In Progress


Research shows that increased access to primary care is associated with fewer hospital visits, emergency department visits, and surgeries; yet primary care represents only an estimated 5–7% of health care spending in the United States.

Except for uninsured and Medicaid populations, New York State currently spends less on primary care than the national average. One in three New Yorkers lives in an area with inadequate primary care access, and these gaps are greatest in communities of color and rural communities across the State. Without sufficient investment and supportive policies, primary care will not be able to deliver on its full potential to promote better health outcomes and reduce costs. Previously, NYHealth awarded the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) a grant to launch a statewide initiative to define, measure, and report on current primary care spending and increase investment in primary care services. In 2023, NYHealth awarded PCDC a second grant to expand on this work.  

Under this grant, PCDC will formalize and expand its coalition of primary care stakeholders and continue to advocate for primary care investment. PCDC will organize at least three convenings across the State to raise awareness, cultivate broad support across regions, and ensure the campaign represents the needs of both rural and urban communities. PCDC and coalition members will also meet with policymakers and other key stakeholders to educate them about policy changes. They will craft a communications and media plan to communicate the value of primary care investment in compelling ways that resonate with the public and policymakers. Coalition members will use these shared messages to speak from a common position to policymakers and partners. Moreover, PCDC will leverage a newly formed multi-state network to integrate tactics and lessons learned from other states into New York’s efforts for policy change and implementation in primary care.