Veterans’ Health

Project Title

Health Affairs Theme Issues on Patient Engagement and Veterans’/Military Health

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Veterans’ Health

Date Awarded

June 28, 2017


Outside New York State




Health Affairs, the nation’s leading peer-reviewed health policy journal, regularly publishes special thematic issues—with support from a range of public and private funders—that address major topics in health care policy and practice.

With reach into the worlds of health policy, clinical practice, and health care systems, Health Affairs plays a key role in identifying emerging and promising practices, providing actionable evidence to public and private sector policymakers, and advancing innovation. NYHealth has previously provided support for three special issues of Health Affairs on health care delivery system innovation, diabetes prevention, and health insurance exchanges. In 2017, NYHealth awarded a grant to Project HOPE to support Health Affairs in the publication of two thematic issues: one focused on veterans’ and military health and the other on patient engagement.

Under this grant, Health Affairs published two thematic issues focused on two of NYHealth’s program areas: veterans’ health and consumer empowerment. The first issue examined what health care can learn from other industries to build patient engagement strategies that place the consumer at the center of the health care experience. The second issue was the first-ever Health Affairs volume dedicated to veterans’ and military health. It focused on improving the health and wellbeing of service members and veterans through increased access to care and better care coordination. Health Affairs also held a briefing in Washington, D.C., at the release of each journal issue to highlight the thematic content and feature some of its authors.