Expanding Health Care Coverage

Project Title

Sponsoring Health Affairs: Thematic Issue on Insurance Exchanges

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Expanding Health Care Coverage

Date Awarded

July 28, 2011





Health Affairs is a leading journal of health policy thought and research published by Project HOPE.

For this grant, Health Affairs will publish a thematic issue that focuses on health insurance exchanges, and will also plan a cluster of four to six articles addressing issues related to health insurance exchanges for publication in late 2011 or early 2012. The journal’s support will allow for a larger cluster of articles that address broader issues raised by implementation of health insurance exchanges in New York and other states.

Health Affairs will use extensive dissemination tactics to promote this thematic issue of diabetes, including: 1) Sending the print issue to the journal’s subscribers; 2) Posting the issue on the Health Affairs website; 3) Featuring the articles in posts on the Health Affairs blog; 4) Highlighting the issue on the Health Affairs Facebook page; and 5) Announcing the articles on Twitter to followers, many of whom are reporters, and policy and opinion leaders.