Project Title

Empowering Health Care Consumers Conference Scholarship

Grant Amount


Priority Area


Date Awarded

June 19, 2017


Long Island





A key goal of NYHealth’s Empowering Health Care Consumers priority area is to ensure that people have the tools, resources, and support they need to make informed decisions about their health care. As the only statewide health foundation in New York, NYHealth can play a leadership role in building the field of leaders and changemakers working across the State to empower health care consumers. For organizations already engaged in this work, attending conferences and other convenings provides an opportunity to share their successes and lessons learned. Conference attendance can also encourage new actors to enter the field and incorporate consumer empowerment into their work. Yet, because of a lack of resources, many are often unable to attend. Through its Sponsoring Conference Participation Related to Empowering Health Care Consumers Request for Proposals, NYHealth is sponsoring nonprofit or low-resourced organizations to attend or present at local, State, and national conferences related to empowering health care consumers. In 2017, NYHealth awarded Stony Brook Foundation, Inc., a grant to participate in this initiative.

With NYHealth funding, Stony Brook Foundation sent two staff members to attend the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators’ eighth annual Navigation & Survivorship Conference. In addition to networking and learning opportunities, this conference provided health care professionals with a chance to become certified as nationally recognized oncology patient navigators. Through this conference, the staff members increased their expertise in patient navigation, which has been shown to improve health literacy, increase compliance, and ensure better clinical outcomes for patients.

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