Project Title

The Staten Island Foundation Nonprofit Recovery Fund

Grant Amount


Priority Area


Date Awarded

March 21, 2013








Staten Island’s shore neighborhoods were some of the most severely impacted in the region by Hurricane Sandy.

Local service organizations have been on the front line responding to those devastated by the storm, despite the fact that many of these same organizations and their staff members are also storm victims. The Staten Island Foundation (SIF) is committed to supporting nonprofit service providers and strengthening their capacity to continue to meet the long-term challenges caused by this disaster. SIF created The Staten Island Foundation Nonprofit Recovery Fund to help nonprofits serving Staten Island address immediate relief needs and long-term recovery efforts. With funding from NYHealth, SIF bolstered its health-related recovery mission and strengthened its ability to leverage funding opportunities for the Staten Island community.

Under this grant, SIF engaged a consultant to develop a series of capacity-building activities to strengthen its ability to serve the post-Sandy needs of the Staten Island community. The consultant assisted SIF in solidifying its leadership role in Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts; leveraging other funding opportunities; mapping out the roles of other organizations; and assessing the emerging needs of the community, with an emphasis on health-related issues. The consultant also developed and implement a communications structure, highlighting SIF’s role in the Hurricane Relief Fund as a central resource for important information regarding Sandy relief, recovery, and rebuilding.