Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management


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Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management


January 14, 2009


This January 2009 article from The Diabetes EDUCATOR, Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Intervention for Delivery in the Community: The YMCA Model describes the approach to adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) for implementation at YMCA centers to increase community access to an effective diabetes reduction program through lifestyle changes.

The YMCA used the same DPP training materials, but made modifications designed to lower costs while achieving the same results. Modifications included using YMCA staff instead of master’s level educators, and group education sessions instead of individual sessions. They also reduced costly incentives. With these adaptations, the YMCA DPP program is estimated to cost $275 to $325 per participant, compared to more than $1400 per participant in the original DPP intervention. The article encourages further evaluation of the YMCA centers as a replicable model for sustainable, cost-effective, community-based diabetes reduction programs.