Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management



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Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management


October 17, 2012


This NYHealth white paper examines the evidence to date for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)—a promising behavioral modification program that has been shown to significantly decrease participants’ risk of developing diabetes by more than 50%.

The DPP is a community-based program that focuses on helping people with prediabetes modify their eating and physical activity habits, and teaches them how to maintain these changes over time.

The paper was developed after NYHealth convened a roundtable of national and State diabetes prevention and evaluation experts to discuss lessons learned from the DPP, and how it can best be replicated in other community settings. In addition to assessing the evidence, the paper summarizes ongoing efforts to bring the DPP to scale in New York State, and offers recommendations to help spread and sustain the program and to build support for reimbursement.