Expanding Health Care Coverage


The Manhattan Institute

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Expanding Health Care Coverage


February 1, 2011


This NYHealth-supported report by the Manhattan Institute examines retail clinics in New York State. According to this new report, retail clinics could help expand access to health care services, reduce inappropriate emergency room use, and lower health care costs.

Compared to other states, there are relatively few physician-owned health centers operating in New York State. The report identifies three key regulatory barriers that inhibit retail clinics from locating or expanding their operations in the State:

  • Certificate of Need approvals for health care facilities.
  • Prohibitions on the corporate practice of medicine.
  • Collaborative-price agreements between nurse practitioners and physicians.

The Manhattan Institute recommends creating a specialized licensure process for retail clinics to streamline regulation of retail clinic models. It also recommends allowing corporations that operate retail clinics to employ providers directly, just as dialysis treatment centers now do.